I am both an object maker and an installation artist, intrigued with spatial design and the interaction of materials with light.  My plastic and metal constructions incorporate rich, translucent color that glows in sunlight like stained glass.  The suspended designs often are mobiles that move gently in space.  The work communicates a playful, graceful feel.

Most of my studio production is commissioned.  These projects frequently develop with a design team for a specific place and range of emotional intent.  Public art installed across the U.S. and in Germany, New Zealand, and Japan have reflected wide design parameters — temporary mazes for the foot of a national monument, sculptural screens to cheer the view across a hospital rooftop,  a playful icon for a city zoo neighborhood, and a new addition to a historic sculpture park.  In 2011 two public projects for Ft. Collins, CO earned Urban Design Awards.

My BFA is from Tulane University in New Orleans and my MFA from the University of Colorado in Boulder.  My body of work reflects these two home places — south Louisiana, where the inability to enjoy life is seen as a moral flaw, and Colorado, where openness and light seem to say anything is possible.  I teach graduate courses with Lesley University and am a member of Spark Gallery, Denver’s original artist collective.